The Charging Place

Charge your phone with a secure, easy-to-use and catch-eye product

The Charging Place

The Charging Place product is a secure and autonomous solution to charge the phone of your clients. Thanks to 6 lockers opening with fingerprint, the self-service machine works with all the smartphones. You can earn money, choosing yourself the amount of the charge or offering it for free. Add a innovative service to your offer for abordable price. The 15inches screen allows you to communicate about your company’s news.

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220€exl tax /day

Daily rent, without engagement. Perfect for events

250€excl tax /month

Monthly rent (without feet), with a 12months minimum engagement

4 700€excl tax

Sell. Price excluding delivery and others options.

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Fingerprint technology

No password, no key, only the fingerprint to open the locker : charge without stress and nothing to carry on. Scan one of your fingers, the locker opens, plug your phone and close the door. The process is really fast (less than 15sec) and explained step by step. To take back your phone charged, just scan your finger used before and your locker opens automatically. Your fingerprint is only associated with a locker’s number and deleted after you take back your phone ; so there is no legal issue to use our product.


Secure lockers, a monetizable solution

Our product has been designed to be sure and trustable. When we charge 6 smartphones at the same time, we need to ensure their security. That is the resaon why our lockers are made with iron, as well as the machine structure. The 1,5cm glass, which allows to keep an eye on the phone charging, is specially made to resist to vandalism. In addition our solution is monetizable thanks to an electronic coin-acceptor. After your client scans his finger, you can ask for 50cents, 1€ or 2€ per charge. On events our clients would rather free service, then tokens are used instead of money. Tokens are furnished with the machine.


15inches screen to communication

The Charging Place charging kiosk is equipped with a 15inches screen. It is on the top of the machine at eye level. Thanks to a USB port, it is possible to broadcast until 8Go content : PDF, video, PPT, JPG, PNG …. This screen is also an opportunity for the place or the event to communicate its news. The charging kiosk could be the center of a dedicated area, as it offers communication, entertainment and service. It could also be a tool for advertising, for creating a sponsoring or supporting partnerships.

Technical description
Kiosk Weight (without feet ) – kg 35
Kiosk Weight with feet – kg 90
Electricity consumption – W 50
Kiosk Height – cm 110
Kiosk Width – cm 41
Kiosk Depth  -cm 19
Feet Height – cm 75
Feet Width – cm 67
Screen size – inch 15
Screen maximum content – Go 8
Number of Locker 6
Number of cable per locker 3
Master Keyboard (assistance and support) 1
Electricty needed – V 220

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