Charging Station for Restaurants


Attract more customers by offering them a flexible charging solution.

– Convenient & nomadic, it follows you everywhere,
– Each dock contains 8 x independent powerful Lithium-ion batteries,
– Each battery can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously,
– Anti-theft mode: battery can only be charged on its dock,
Compatible wit most devices thanks to 2 embedded connectors: Lightning (iPhone 5+) and Micro USB

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332,99€ excl tax
24,99€ Excl Tax / month
58,99€ Excl Tax

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Dock Station & Batteries Bank secure and fast charging & Batteries Bank


With Movow Batteries Bank, charge safely and quickly your devices. Where you want and when you want! They provide all the necessary standards protection (CE, RoHS, FCC). No “strings attached”, the customer keeps his smartphone or tablet with him and can charge them anywhere. They stop charging when the battery is full (preserves the quality of your device battery)


Very design Dock Station & Batteries Bank


Design, Movow Batteries Bank have bright LED display autonomy. Pleasant to touch, they have a velvet coating touched peach skin and come in several colors.



The Docking Station and the Batteries Bank wear the colors of your brand and becomes a permanent Ads.

Technical description
Battery Bank 8
Charging time for Smartphone 20% in 20min
Integrated Cable Iphone 5/6 in 1 battery bank 1
Integrated Cable micro USB in 1 battery bank 1
Dimension (Dock station) 275.3*82.8*42.5mm
Dimension (1 power bank) 102.8*42.5*22mm
Weight (station d’accueil) 420g
Weight (1 batterie power bank) 81g
Warranty 1 year
Leasing Warranty 2 years
Assistance 5 days / 7