Great design, portable and super fast

DiscGo Charger

A fixed machine with 5 portable disc’s that recharge.

Universal: compatible with all models opf phones and tablets,
Portable: The discs follow the clients for satisfaction and complete control of phone re usage and safety,
Super Powerful: The 5 disc’s can charge 10 mobiles at the same time, and 25 mobiles, one after the other proir to recharging,
Fast: The disc’s can charger mobiles at the same speed as a wall plug,
Design: Elegent and in chrome and a light that flickers for promotional attention,
Customizable: a Marketing space on the disc’s for promotional purposes.

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1 800€excl tax

Purchase of one machine with 5 disc's

99€excl tax /month

Annual subscription

150€excl tax /day

Event rental

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Personalise the disc marketing space


The disc’s are very easy to turn into a personal marketing space by placing publicity stickers under the plastic lids.  This marketing can be changed according to the event, product or venue.


Reliable and high performance over a long period


Discgo Charger spent several years researching and developing the product.  The cables are Apple approved.  The disc’s are water resistant and are stable on all surfaces due to the rubber stabilisers.

This image is licensed to DiscGo for marketing and advertising for an unlimited duration

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